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In this section of the Superdrive website you can find out more about what you will discover while having a go at the rallying experiences available at the centre.

You can get in some research before you visit and learn about our purpose built track and the different stages you might experience, read up on our professional rally driving instructors and discover more about the fleet of cars that we have for you to drive.

  • Rally Instructors

    Superdrive Motorsports Centre's rally instructors are all current rally drivers! If you are interested in rallying or know anything about the sport, then the likelihood is that you will recognise and respect the achievements of at least one of our instructors when you join us. This page is dedicated to our instructors, giving you brief details about them.

  • Rally Track

    Find out more about the Superdrive Rally track and the various stages that you will enjoyThe Superdrive rally track has been purpose built in order to provide you with maximum fun and enjoyment during your visit. You will experience plenty of speed and sideways action while trying to conquer the tarmac and gravel circuit. 

    Your instructors will teach you how to drift the car around corners and handbrake at our exciting hairpins as well as get as much speed as possible in the straight section.

    Our track has been specially built for maximum enjoyment, with tarmaced corners in order to provide the car with more grip where you will be turning sharply and gravel for the rest of the track in order to give the car plenty of sideways action.

    Don't panic though our rally track is completely safe and if you spin or go out of control you won't crash into anything that will hurt you. Your ego may be a bit bruised after all of your friends see you get out of control and after the instructor lets you know what they think of your driving but that's all! Laughing

  • Rally Cars

    This is what it's all about... the Rally Cars! At Superdrive we have a large fleet of cars available for your enjoyment ranging from high powered 4WD cars right down to small cars for Junior drivers to learn the basics in. All of our cars are built specifically for rallying and feature everything that you will find in any rally car, including a full roll cage, bucket racing seats, full seat harnesses and intercom.

    In this section you will be able to see more about the cars that we have at our disposal at Superdrive, learn how they handle and find out the rallying history that some of these cars possess.